Cautious personality action

Cautious personality action.

Cautious (Japanese: しんちょう Shinchou; Cautious) is a personality in Miitopia that gives the Cautious Mii possibility of boosting attack power and ability of using snacks after running out of them.


Quirk name Description Activation rate First time picture

The Cautious Mii will finish off an enemy. The damage pop-up will be replaced with "Finisher!" when this happens.

This requires that the Cautious Mii's regular attack, when multiplied by 1.3, can defeat the target monster.

Cautious quirk finisher
Warm Up The Cautious Mii will do Warm Ups before their action, delaying it to the end of the turn and doubling its effectiveness. 20%
Cautious quirk warm up
Prepped and Ready If the Mii has run out of MP Candies and HP Bananas, they will have a chance to pull out a hidden banana/candy, claiming to have prepared for the situation. 30%
Prepped and Ready

Outside battle

  • Cautious Miis will immediately reject a bottle of drink during the "drink" event.