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This page uses data from the Miitopia Param Info spreadsheet, compiled by PibPasquale, Kobazco, and UglyFrenchFry.

Cautious personality action.

Cautious (Japanese: しんちょう Shinchou; Cautious) is a personality in Miitopia that gives the Cautious Mii a possibility of boosting attack power and ability of using snacks after running out of them.


Quirk name Description Activation rate First time picture

The Cautious Mii will finish off an enemy. The damage pop-up will be replaced with "Finisher!" when this happens.

This requires that the Cautious Mii's regular attack, when multiplied by 1.3, can defeat the target monster.

Finisher first time Switch v.gif
Warm Up The Cautious Mii will do Warm Ups before their action, delaying it to the end of the turn and doubling its effectiveness. Only activates for the Hero if they're on Autobattle. 20%

3DS version

Nintendo Switch version

Prepped and Ready If the Mii has run out of MP Candies or HP Bananas, they will have a chance to pull out a hidden banana/candy, claiming to have prepared for the situation. 30%

3DS version.

Nintendo Switch version.

Outside battle

  • Cautious Miis will immediately reject a bottle of drink during the "drink" event.
  • When a Mii's face is about to be put on a monster, Cautious Miis will shake in fear.


  • "*gulp* (Not selected)
  • "All right!" (Selected)
  • "We're off..." (US) / "Here goes..." (EU) (Starting adventure)
  • "That's nice!" (War cry event response)
  • "I'm gonna say...the outfit is new, right? Love it!" (Complimenting for new Clothing)
  • "Oh gosh, you're making me blush!" (Complimented for new Clothing)
  • "This might not be safe..." (Drink event, throws it away)
  • "What's that in my pocket?" (Friend Mail event, feels it in pocket)
  • "Dear (Mii), I hope you took enough HP Bananas. I've been worried about it, so here's one just in case." (Mailing a friend)
    • "(Mii)'s so thoughtful..." (Letter reaction, Kind Mii)
    • "So...does that mean it's for me? Or not?" (Letter reaction, Laid-back Mii)
    • "That's very kind of (Mii)." (Letter reaction, Stubborn Mii)
    • "Thank you SO much, (Mii)." (Letter reaction, Cautious Mii)
    • "That's so like (Mii)." (Letter reaction, Energetic Mii)
    • "I think I'll take it, (Mii). Thanks." (Letter reaction, Cool Mii)
    • "I'd love to give it back, but, well...logistics..." (Letter reaction, Airheaded Mii)
  • "I'm so anxious. Might as well stay up." (US) / "I'm so anxious, I may as well stay up." (EU) (Standing guard at camp)
  • "...I have no words." (Camp event, waking up to a sleeping Mii)
  • "I thought you might need some company." or "I was worried about you..." (Camp event, joining a Mii stand guard)
  • "Ya!" or "Heeeeeeey!" (US) / “Hooya!” (EU) (Using a regular attack)
  • "Whew..." (US) / “Phew…” (EU) (Defeated monster)
  • "Help!" (In a Mii-eating monster)
  • "(Mii)'s gonna get digested!" (Reacting to teammate being in a Mii-eating monster)
  • "That was scary..." (Out of a Mii-eating monster)
  • "This is tough..." / "Oh dear, oh dear..." / "I wanna go home..." / "I'm so nervous!" (When exiting the Safe Spot menu)
  • "Uh-oh..." (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and has low HP)
  • "What's going on!?" (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and is in an angered state)
  • "Hoho!" (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and is in an excited state)
  • "*snicker*" (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and is in a cranky state)
  • "Lah-lah-lah!" (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and is in a gleeful state)
  • "*sniff*" (When exiting the safe spot menu and is in a crying state)
  • "(Mii)!" (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and a teammate has fallen)
  • "Wah! What do I do now?" (US) / "(Gulp)" (EU) / "Maybe, just maybe..." (EU) (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and is alone and has low Hp)
  • "Grrr..." (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and is in a spiting state)
  • "I knew this'd happen..." (Defeated)
  • ”Ah! No HP Bananas/MP Candies left!” (Out of HP Bananas/MP Candies)
  • "Wait a sec..." (US) / “Wait a mo…” (EU) Warm Up quirk)
  • "OK!" (Warm Up quirk complete)
  • "I knew this would happen..." (Prepped and Ready quirk)
  • "(Mii)! That's wonderful!" (Praise assist)
  • "You're gonna need this." (Charity assist)
  • "(Mii)..." (Avenge assist)
  • "Scrub a dub dub!" (Cleaning)
  • "I can help...?" (Cleaning with another Mii)
  • "This is so helpful. Thank you..." (Watching a Mii cleaning)
  • "Clean like you've never cleaned before!" (Cleaning event, cheering on the sidelines)
  • "I, er, got this for you. I hope it's OK..." (Giving a present)
  • "You're sure?" (Accepting a present)
  • "Thank you." (Present event, kind of happy)
  • "W-wow..." (Present event, very pleased)
  • "So happy..." (US) / "I really don't deserve this..." (EU) (Present event, amazed)
  • "Uh..." (Present event, dislikes it)
  • "Are you mad at me?" (Present event, hates it)
  • "Shalala, la!" (Singing)
  • "Wah wah, whooa!" (Singing event, joining in)
  • "Great set of lungs!" (Singing event, cheering)
  • "That was a big help..." (Getting revived/healed by another teammate)
  • "Thank goodness!" (Face saved)