Miitopia Job - Cat

"Dainty paws…cute little whiskers…vicious, shredding claws. Meowch!"

-Job Description

Cat description

【Miitopia】 - Cat Play Demo

【Miitopia】 - Cat Play Demo

The Cat (ネコ Neko; Cat) is a Job in Miitopia that focuses on high damage and minor MP recovery.

Their weapons of choice are Claws.

Their clothing is called Cat Suits.

With high Attack and Speed, the Cat is able to use multi-hit attacks and strength boosts to deal damage, while also being able to self heal and cure own status effects.

The Cat's default attack is single target only.


Lv. 1 Lv. 50 Lv. 50, best equipment,

& max food buffs

HP 10 208 307
MP 4 73 172
Attack 10 110 445
Magic 0 5 104
Defense 5 87 380
Speed 11 108 207


Skill Learned MP Cost Description Attack/Magic multiplier Activation chance (AI) Extra Notes
Sharpen Claws Lv. 2 4 "Sharpen your claws to cause great damage with your next attack." - 20% Multiplies the next attack's damage by 2.2.
Playful Antics Lv. 4 0 "Cheer up a friend with rubbing and purring to recover their MP." 0.4 (M) 20% Has 10 base power. Restores MP and increases friendship.
Cat's Paw Lv. 6 8 "Inflict damage to an enemy with a slashing attack. It really stings." 1.4 (A) 60%
Double Scratch Lv. 10 12 "Slash twice with sharp claws for double the ouchies." 0.85 (A) 60% Hits two monsters or one monster for combined damage.
Grooming Lv. 16 10 "Take a moment to calm down and groom your fur. (auto)" - 20% Gets rid of status effects like Crying or Laughter.
Steal Grub Lv. 21 6 "Snatch food from under enemies' noses. Doesn't always work." - 30% Only works once per enemy if the attempt was successful (50% chance).
Lick Wounds Lv. 25 10 "Tend to your battle wounds and lick them clean, restoring HP." 0.7 (A) 30%
Feline Frenzy Lv. 32 20 "Slice all enemies with razor-sharp claws twice in succession." 1.7 (A) 30%


  • This class and the Warrior have the lowest base Magic stat among all classes, at 0.
  • Cats, Chefs, Tanks, Thieves, Flowers, Pop Stars and Vampires are the only classes that have unique walking animations in exploration.
  • Cat's current claws (if possible), will change color schemes according to the color of their cat suit or their current amiibo outfit
  • In the EU Version, the Job Description is "Dainty paws...cute little whiskers...vicous shredding claws. Enough Said." rather than "...Meowch!"




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