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Castle View (Japanese: 城の見える高台 Shiro no Mieru Takadai; Castle-viewing Heights) is south of Greenhorne Castle in the demo, with Riverdeep Cavern being the only pathway to reach it. In the full game, this area separates Easin Hills and Wayward Woods and includes Greenhorne Castle as a place of interest.

The player fights the Imp "Cheery Granny" mini-boss in the lower part of the area.


Areas around Castle View


Stage 1

The only available stage in the demo, accessible by Riverdeep Cavern. A straight path. Has 1 battle. During the first visit, you fight Imp "Cheery Granny" as well as 4 Apple Jellies. Gives 120 EXP on the first visit, and 8-16 EXP on subsequent visits.

Battle 1 - Imp "Cheery Granny", Apple Jelly x4 (first visit) / Goblin x4 / Cumulus x2, Goblin x2

Stage 2

A forking path. It has 2 battles. The upper path is labeled “Lever”, in which pulling it will grant access to the chest stage. The lower path is labeled “Game Tickets”. The chest on the lower path contains 3 Game Tickets. Gives 36-92 EXP.

Battle 1 - Banshee x4 / Goblin x2, Rock Moth x2

Battle 2 - Banshee, Cumulus x2 / Banshee x2, Cumulus x2

Stage 3

A straight path. Has 2 battles. Gives 162 EXP.

Battle 1 - Banshee x2, Smileshroom x2

Battle 2 - Apple Jelly x6

Stage 4

A straight path. Has 2 battles. Gives 156 EXP.

Battle 1 - Banshee, Mole

Battle 2 - Apple Jelly x4, Mole x2

Chest Stage

A straight path. Has 1 battle. The stage contains a golden chest, which gives either a new weapon or new clothing for a party member. Gives 92 EXP.

Battle 1 - Banshee x2, Apple Jelly x3


  • In the demo, only one level is open to the player, as the rest is guarded by the Serious Soldier that forbids the player from going any further.
  • This is one of the two maps whose background music has two separate tracks, the other being Eerie Road.


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