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This page uses data from the Miitopia Param Info spreadsheet, compiled by PibPasquale, Kobazco, and UglyFrenchFry.

Official artwork depicting the campsite being attacked by a monster.

Camps are areas in the game that can heal the party overnight. Unlike in inns, the player cannot interact with the Mii characters during their stay at a camp.

Camps are encountered in certain stages when the inn cannot be reached before it becomes too dark, however, they do not occur in random dungeons. The Mii characters will set up a tent there, and one of the following scenarios will occur during the night. There are four scenarios total, and each one will occur in three specific places each. Like all events, however, these will only trigger once in those particular stages, as revisiting them will not activate this event again.

Possible scenarios

All scenario names elaborated below are conjectural and thus not official.

The Night Guard

A second Mii goes to see how the first is doing that night.

The player will have to choose one Mii to stand guard for the night to prevent or warn for any monster attacks. This Mii will not rest and therefore will not have their HP restored.

The night differs depending on the Mii chosen and their relationships with the other Mii characters.

  • The chosen Mii stands guard all throughout the night:
    • The party leaves in the morning.
    • During the night, another Mii will wake up and stand guard with the chosen Mii. The party then leaves in the morning. Raises relationship. The second Mii will not have their HP restored.
    • The party is attacked by monsters.
  • The chosen Mii falls asleep:
    • Another Mii may wake up and notices the chosen Mii is asleep. Sometimes it raises Resentment.
    • The Mii's HP will also be restored in the morning and the party leaves.
    • The party is attacked by monsters and the battle starts with all party members asleep.


Region Area Stage occurred
Greenhorne Wayward Woods Wayward woods2.jpg
Realm of the Fey Realm of the Fey (area)
Powdered Peaks Tschilly Peak


The four Mii characters are stargazing, and then they see a shooting star in the sky. The Mii characters decide to make wishes, and then the player will have to do a minigame involving tapping the same type of bubble three times in a row, then a chest drops containing what was chosen. If the star reaches the other side of the top screen before you tap the same bubble three times, you'll have the chance to try again.

In the Nintendo Switch version, the minigame is no longer present due to the lack of two screens; instead, the player can simply pick from one of the four wish options before the chest drops.

The four things that can be picked are below:

When it comes to monsters, what variety of Snurp and how many they are encountered depend on the highest level of a party member. See the table below for more details.

Min. level required Monster(s) encountered
  • 1-4 Tasty Snurp(s)

Note: Encountering the Snurps this way will cause a random Mii to gain the "Terror" status ailment at the start of the battle.


Region Area Stage occurred
Neksdor Neksdor Desert Neksdor desert8.jpg
Powdered Peaks Ghontu Waste Ghontu waste4.jpg

BBQ Meals

The Mii characters decide to have a BBQ, so they set one up. While the first three are cooking kebabs, the fourth will show up with a mushroom and start cooking that. The player will then have to pick one of the Mii characters to eat the mushroom.

The Mii will either like it, restoring their HP, or hate it, losing some of their HP.


Region Area Stage occurred
Neksdor Neksdor Desert
Karkaton Karkaton Peak
Galados Isle Galados Isle (area)

Spooky Stories

The Mii characters sit around the campfire telling spooky stories to each other. The player's Mii (or any other Mii assigned to be the party leader) begins telling a story, with the other three listening to it.

The third Mii will either like the story, raising their relationship level, or find it too scary, raising resentment. The other two Mii characters do not seem to be affected by this event at all.


Region Area Stage occurred
Greenhorne Arid Frontier Arid frontier5.jpg
Realm of the Fey Bigg Forest
Galados Isle Midland Marsh

Role in Miitopia: Casting Call

Miitopia: Casting Call briefly features camps in the Venture Forth trailer.

After the "Night falls..." transition, an scenario identical to "The Night Guard" happens. While the Cat is chosen to be the guard for the night, they suddenly fall asleep. The Warrior eventually notices, and sarcastically remarks that the Cat did a good job.



  • Very Rare Snurps encountered this way can not vanish from battle. This event is the only instance where such scenario is possible.
  • The "stargazing" event is the least-encountered in the game, only appearing twice throughout the whole game. All the other events occur three times each.
    • It is also the only event where there is not a campfire lit.
    • Also if monsters are chosen, the "dawn dawned" scene will not play.
  • Camps occur in every region except Peculia, Nimbus, The Sky Scraper, Otherworld and New Lumos.
    • Galados Isle and Powdered Peaks are the only regions where a camp occurs outside the main story.
  • The "spooky stories" event is the only event that does not show the Mii characters exiting the tent when dawn comes; instead they are shown sleeping outside the tent all together.
  • In the Western releases, the quote that appears when a camp ends reads, "After a long night, dawn...dawned." While in the European releases, the quote reads, "And then dawn came..."