• PowerWingA

    Hey, guys! Long time no see!

    I've been going over the wiki again and noticed that the stats of the "Traveler" Mouse are still listed as Unknown, aside from the HP.

    Are there any reliant datamines out there somewhere that show off these missing stats? It seems the one that I have doesn't specify whether the boss is a "Lovey-Dovey" Mouse or "Traveler" Mouse, since both are listed as "Mii" Mouse.

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  • Yeta royal

    Great news !

    July 7, 2020 by Yeta royal

    Hey everyone,

    I just find a place with all grub sprites. Here the link :

    I have a lot of work but I could cooperate forthe wiki at least.


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  • SFishle2

    I, Just wanna Know, What would you guys Suggest for People I should add to My Miitopia team?

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  • Nap090509


    June 16, 2020 by Nap090509

    They're great.

    btw i meant medals

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  • Al-Ameen Adewunmi

    I've been trying to get Monster No.219 (Wind Queen "Traveler") for literal months on end and I haven't made any progress whatsoever. Despite consistently getting high-level Traveler quests, I can never seem to have this monster pop up for me. The worst part is it's the only thing stopping me from getting a 100% on Miitopia, as defeating it will give me the last Medal I need, which is to defeat every type of monster in the game.

    So, if I can get any assistance on tracking down this monster, that would be well appreciated, because I really just want to 100% this game. I've spent far too long on it to call it quits.

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  • Rosé Zamas Skywalker

    How do I get added to the Tower of Dread Leaderboard?

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  • Guy That Exists

    Is anyone aware of QR codes, or at least easily copyable renders, for the default Miis used in Miitopia promotional material? I know that official QR codes exist for the Warrior and Non-Japanese Cleric, and we have high resolution art for the other classes, sans Vampire and Elf, (although we do have one mid-res image of what looks like an official Vampire render.

    We also have high quality art of every main NPC, sans the Ex-Dark Lord, the Darker Lord, the Reborn, and we are missing official art for every villager, but there are Miis shown for them in promotional material, namely the Japanese trailers.

    If you have some of these Miis already made, then please let me know, as I would love to play through the game with the promotional cast, just …

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  • AnOrdinaryGuy1

    No seriously it isn't interesting.

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  • Epic girl 12345

    This is a miitopia let's play thing so the cast will be the mii cures I made:

    Mecco: Mage - Pop Star - Princess

    Dani: Warrior

    Cho: Cleric


    Abby: Pop Star there will be 2 pop stars once mecco can't be a mage

    Nyako: Cat

    Princess: Minne

    Fab Fariies: Starxa, Galaxia, and Comet

    Dark Lord: Desparia

    Great Sage: Either Bunbun or Pluto

    Rst TBA

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  • Marysue124

    Weapon glitch

    March 22, 2020 by Marysue124

    So...I'm currently waiting to get my new Animal Crossing game from the mail (it got delayed), I decided to play some Miitopia while I suffer.

    One of my miis wanted a new weapon, so I let her go and buy it. And she came back with this...

    And she still has it..

    I wonder what would happen if I let her out in battle...

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  • K Pounder

    Journal Data

    February 23, 2020 by K Pounder

    From now on I’ll post my "Journal" entries in the discussion posts of the wiki.

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  • K Pounder

    February 21st, 2020

    February 21, 2020 by K Pounder

    The day started with Keane, Vaporeon, Mallow (who will join us for all battles for today) and Dragonite beating the King Cow (in 1 turn!) and the Dark Sun. (in 9 turns) Then we went on a Dessert Hunt, and, surprise surprise, Mallow killed the first Replica Dark Lord with Monster Dinner! We then went to hunt Monsters in Ghontu Waste afterwards, letting Snorlax take my place. Vaporeon attacked twice per turn during the second battle.

    However, killing them attracted a Shadow Symbiote Supreme that ambushed us. Fortunately I got back for the battle. It had about 950,000 HP and Mallow was caught off guard and KO’d, but, for the first time ever, Dragonite used Super Snap Out Of It and she got back up! Dragonite got a little exhausted from doing it…

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  • K Pounder

    February 19th, 2020

    February 19, 2020 by K Pounder

    Today started with Lillie discovering a monster that was plotting something in The Sky Scraper. So the big four went out to stop the monster. When they got through the dungeon, it turned out that a Shadow Drake was the culprit. He had roughly 860,000 HP but wasn’t too tough. After taking care of it, Snorlax felt under the weather so we did a Snurp Hunt in Bigg Forest to speed up his recovery. Lillie helped out there too. Once that was over we got another surprise. Keane and Dragonite had hit maximum friendship!

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  • K Pounder

    February 18th, 2020

    February 18, 2020 by K Pounder

    We were going to rest today as well, but six D.D.T.s came down at once to attack, each with 150,000 HP! One even has 215,000 HP! (For those noobs out there, they had 965,000 HP in between them; again, not 80 Dark Suns, but more like 1.5 Evil Sages) the Primary Expertise Village appeared to help us take them down, which was a huge boost to Mii morale, and it joined our group afterwards.

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  • K Pounder

    February 16th, 2020

    February 16, 2020 by K Pounder

    The day started with a dessert Hunt. True Sun God was for the whole quest along with Exeggutor, Tyranitar and Keane. The Replica Dark Lord was tougher because TSG was still present when I fought it. Keane hid in the Safe Spot when it attacked to make it easier; it couldn’t lure him into a nightmare that way. Afterwards, we ate the food dropped by the monsters. (and True Sun god loves Ultimate Delicacy ★★; what a coincidence)

    After the battle, Vaporeon alerted us to a green Shadow Inkling that was attacking the island. (Vaporeon was sick during the previous venture so he stayed home; thank Arceus that he got sick) Blissey helped out as well; he had probably about 500k health total, with the minions (mostly Hobgoblin Mages and Heavy Hammers) …

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  • K Pounder

    February 15th, 2020

    February 15, 2020 by K Pounder

    The day started with a Snurp Hunt at Lotus Lake. Kris was brought in for fun; she went from level 7 all the way to level 22 by the end of the day. The Very Rare Snurp got away this time :(. Afterwards we came back only for a Shadow Adora (or Adoraberus in game) to attack shortly after we got back.

    It was extremely powerful and strong enough to defeat BLISSEY; the first time she’s been taken down this year by anything but a Fiend! (And if she did go down to something else it was a “dream matchup” that never happened) However the sheer difficulty of the fight mainly came from the fact Kris was still in the team; Keane basically had to take down the boss with only two teammates since Kris does very little damage and gets OHKO’d by any of her m…

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  • K Pounder

    Hey I’m new here.

    February 3, 2020 by K Pounder

    I’ve judged joined the wiki but I’ve cleared the Tower of Dread and killed several strong bosses (even the Evil Sage!) in one turn! Check my user profile for more information about my progress and team.

    Also I’m challenging you to defeat the Calc King in one turn! Good Luck!

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  • OpalTheOcto

    Events article

    January 16, 2020 by OpalTheOcto

    I don't know what i should clean up there, if there is anyone that could tell me, i'd be very greatful

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  • Marysue124

    Here's a blog on how to get clear pictures from this game. (only for those who don't have access to a computer to put the SD card in and ends up taking pictures with their phone.)

    If you want your photos to look like this:

    1) Click on Menu at the top left screen on this game.

    2) Go to album

    3) Click on 'Post image' and something will pop-up saying about opening up the Nintendo 3DS Image share page. Click 'Yes' on that.

    4) Your 3DS has to be connect to the internet and you have to have a Twitter or Facebook account (I recommend Twitter). 

    5) Log onto your account though the 3DS and post your image there. Then go to your browser on your computer or cellphone or tablet and log onto your account on there and save the image.

    6) And you're done.

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  • Samanthapov

    Thing about Karkaton

    December 14, 2019 by Samanthapov

    So I have this sort of "headcanon" where Karkaton used to be this beautiful place sort of like Greenhorne… except for the volcano. Then the volcano erupted and turned it into the wasteland that it is. Yeah this is a short post because I haven't really thought much about this.

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  • BeeDoodles

    the copper shell looks like a pencil... that is all

    ...seriously, that's it. i just wanted to point it out

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  • BeeDoodles

    do we even need this?

    September 26, 2019 by BeeDoodles

    edit: no, we do not. it's been removed by lost_paisley as of around the time i posted this actually, wow is the quote on the article for the fiend really all that nessecary? i mean, it's not an actual quote in the game, so at least i don't think it is...

    i feel tempted to remove it, but idk if i'm allowed to, so...

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  • Miitopia-Meow6


    September 22, 2019 by Miitopia-Meow6

    Will I ever be a fox? Please tell me. Anyone. PLEASE :((

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  • Miitopia-Meow6


    September 22, 2019 by Miitopia-Meow6


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  • Marysue124


    September 5, 2019 by Marysue124

    I think we should get rid of the badges for this wiki, some people will only show up just to spam the place or whatever just to get one like lt's a contest or something.

    Just saying.

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  • BeeDoodles

    dominic looks like a plush toy version of himself on the overworld map

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  • BeeDoodles


    August 14, 2019 by BeeDoodles

    i wish i could erase all my memories of this game's story so i could feel like i'm experiencing it for the first time again. anyone else?

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  • Rni0818

    im sorry wikipedia

    i s j u s t a j o k e

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  • Hayden Csupo


    July 1, 2019 by Hayden Csupo

    someone tell me how to put my photo on my 3DS to my computer

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  • Dawnstar007

    I have my own experiences with Miitopia.  I have some powerful characters and some weaker ones,  My best party setup is a lvl 50 Mage with legendary robes and legendary wand, (Me)  I also have recently Maximized my HP statistic {Roast griffin++}.  I also have a Lvl 50 Cleric{Strata Sundae+), Tank {Choc Rock++}, and Elf {Spider roll} all with legendary equipment and moderately good statistics.  My backups are a level 48 Cat with legendary equipment,  and a level 31 imp with legendary equipment.  I am on the road to 100%  with 6 monsters left,  many classes, weapons, and armor to complete, however many chests i need to reach 500, and a 92% overall completion rate!  That is only a small part of what I am about.  If you want to give me tips or…

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  • Racingfan05


    May 16, 2019 by Racingfan05

    What is a blog? Racingfan05 (talk) 15:45, May 16, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Acpere58

    Combat is initiated when you encounter an enemy. There is many enemies you can encounter:

    Normal: Most common and easy to beat.

    Rare: Less common, but more rewarding.

    Mid-boss: Boss you encounter more frequently, but much easier.

    Boss: Your average boss.

    Major Boss: Boss you fight at the end of a world.

    Quest Boss: Usually a variant of a common enemy, but much stronger. 

    Now, some people say the enemies that appear in boss battles are support enemies. To be honest, I believe them, though sometimes the former is weak, and the latter is far stronger. 

    Another thing is how you start battles. The monster face appears in the earlier worlds, but after beating the Dark Lord for the first time, the Dark Curse symbol appears instead. This signifies that th…

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  • SuperEnergeticCat


    April 24, 2019 by SuperEnergeticCat

    When you see the

    Contains major in-game spoilers

    thingy but you completed the game twice.

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  • Sartz29

    Tower of Dread Tips?

    April 20, 2019 by Sartz29

    I would like some tips on how to defeat all the bosses in the Tower of Dread. I recently attempted it for the first time, and have only defeated the first three bosses in the tower. I attempted to defeat these three individually, and it was super easy, but I used tons of hyper sprinkles. My main team is an Energetic Cat, a Cool Warrior, a Laid-Back Chef, and a Kind Flower. They are all around level 40. Please comment if you have advice!

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  • GameBoy2479

    So, I have been wanting to change my avatar with a photo of myself from Miitopia. However, whenever I have uploaded the photo, and press 'Save, I'm Done', it always says there was a problem processing the file for my avatar. How can I make it work? (Also, my new profile picture I'm hoping to use is found below.)

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  • GameBoy2479

    I've been wondering, would events like my example on the left relate to events based on area or storyline? Because I thought to myself if I should make a seperate article with events based on the storyline, and the Events/Areas page can be just for events relating to the area instead of a mix of story and area. What do you think? 

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  • Rni0818


    April 7, 2019 by Rni0818

    So, I saw  PowerWingA's edit on her profile and I was wondering how she edits like that.

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  • Cupheadgenderbend


    March 16, 2019 by Cupheadgenderbend

    Hi guys, I defeated the darkest lord when all my miis were NOT on level 23, and I am recently in new lumps, in the 5th district.

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  • Lost-Paisley

    I've done a few quests here and there in my spare time, but I'm curious as to what bosses specifically don't appear in quests at all.

    According to my Monsters section in the Journal, I'm pretty sure these bosses can't be fought more than once:

    • General "Princess"
    • Pharaoh "Genie"
    • Tomato Bros
    • "Mischievous Witch" Slime
    • "Youngest Fab Fairy" Frog
    • Burning "Teammate" Golem
    • Magma "Teammate" Slime
    • Cerberus
    • Dragon
    • Dark Lord
    • Yeti
    • Ice Queen "Kidnapped Friend"
    • Hamburger
    • "Traveler" Woof-o'-the-Wisp
    • Pop-Up Puppet
    • Wild Mouse
    • "Ex-Dark Lord", Phantom of Evil
    • Strong "King" Golem
    • Gold General "Princess"
    • Pharaoh "Genie" II
    • "Fab Fairy"pole
    • Red "Youngest Fab Fairy" Frog

    I'm not to sure about these ones in particular though because I'm sure I've seen them encountered somewhere before, but…

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  • Cupheadgenderbend

    How long??

    February 20, 2019 by Cupheadgenderbend

    So, how long does it take for a traveler to leave/come to the island?

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  • Marysue124

    In Miitopia, a roommate tells a fond memory to their roommate.

    In Tomodachi Life, a traveler* who is visiting your Island will become friends with a random Mii living on the island (usually the one they took a photo with*) and sometimes they'll want to visit that same Mii to tell them stories of their adventures. The conversation last a little bit longer than Miitopia.

    • This only happens if you streetpass someone who has the game, then invite the traveler (if you picked one up) to the campground and visiting them again around the evening time on the game. 

    This conversation is completely random, so you may or may not get it.

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  • Yuki6165801

    I decided to post on the Amino app instead of here! So for the daily posts I said I’d make, along with more than 4-5 pictures per post, you can find me on the Miitopia Amino! Here is the link to my page!

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  • Sammybam88

    how to grind exp

    January 23, 2019 by Sammybam88

    to grind exp you gotta beat the sky scraper to get to the otherworld then you gotta beat 2 required levels then you gotta press left on the space before the final boss then enter the level then go down then you fight rare snurps and that's how you grind exp

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  • Yuki6165801

    Gameplay Pictures! (1)

    January 17, 2019 by Yuki6165801

    So I’ve taken way too many screenshots of like...everything that happens in this game and I’ve been wanting to post them somewhere and uploading them in compilation vids didn’t work so I’m going to post them all here!

    I’m planning on making one post with 4-5 pictures each daily!

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  • Sartz29

    Mii skills ideas

    January 16, 2019 by Sartz29

    Sometimes I feel like the Mii jobs don’t have enough specialized skills. Here are some ideas I have for new job skills if a sequel to Miitopia comes out. I will keep adding on if I get new ideas.

    •Warrior- Super Proud Protector: Defend all party members from a blow •Mage- Strengthen Armor: Use magic to shield a party member from an attack •Cleric- Super Revival: Revive multiple fallen party members. Doesn’t always work. •Thief- Grub Snatch: Attempt to steal grub from all monsters. Doesn’t always work. •Pop-Star- Favorite Song: Sing a song and make one of your party members hyper. •Chef- Savor: Feed your opponent a dish and put their guard down. •Cat- Batting Game: If your enemy attacks you, bat the attack right back at them. •Imp- Dou…

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  • Saleh414

    Art Cookie Problem

    January 6, 2019 by Saleh414
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  • Sartz29

    I’ve tried to defeat the Darker Lord and I just can’t seem to do it! I have a level 27 cat (my character), a level 20 mage, a level 21 pop star, a level 23 warrior, a level 21 tank, a level 22 chef, a level 20 theif, a level 22 imp, a level 20 princess, and a level 22 flower. Which ones should I put on each hand and the face, and if you have any other tips, please share!

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  • MiitopiaImp


    January 1, 2019 by MiitopiaImp

    I was fighting a enemy and noticed two miis (Who have a relationship of 5) Had a relationship of 72 (Like me and one of the characters) They also used the asists of lv. 72 relationship. After the battle they went back to lv. 5 relationship. Does anyone know what happened? Has Anyone had this happen?

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  • Steven Bomb 17

    Alright I just finished Miitopia a few minutes ago and I have some thoughts on it.

    First off I think I overleveled for the final boss because I dominated it. My PC was level thirty and everyone else was twenty five, I thought I'd still have trouble with it but the only thing that gave me trouble was the second hit after the big bang but I quickly just revived Angry, healed the others, and went hyper with my character and my pop star. The first Pharaoh gave me more trouble than the Darker Lord.

    The game mechanics are varying levels of fun and annoying. The shopping is annoyingly stressful because it's like, "Are they going to get it? Are they gonna buy a banana or candy that we don't need then play the innocent act?" The laid back personality…

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  • GameBoy2479

    Here's a really good idea if you want to take a spark or two in creativity for another Miitopia save game.

    So, start up a new game (If you really want to, take pictures of your previous save so you won't forget it), and then as new members arrive, you can design them on game characters! For this idea, though, here's the catch! It must only be involved in one gaming franchise.

    If you chose Super Mario, for example, you would obviously choose Mario as the protagonist. Then, unlocking new members of the team means it has to be from the same gaming franchise as well. (E.g, Mario as a Warrior, Luigi as a Thief, Peach as a Pop Star and Yoshi as a Cook.)

    If keeping this in mind, the game can become a whole load more interesting, all with your (if so…

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