• BeeDoodles

    dominic looks like a plush toy version of himself on the overworld map

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  • BeeDoodles


    August 14, 2019 by BeeDoodles

    i wish i could erase all my memories of this game's story so i could feel like i'm experiencing it for the first time again. anyone else?

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  • Rni0818

    im sorry wikipedia

    i s j u s t a j o k e

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  • Hayden Csupo


    July 1, 2019 by Hayden Csupo

    someone tell me how to put my photo on my 3DS to my computer

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  • Dawnstar007

    I have my own experiences with Miitopia.  I have some powerful characters and some weaker ones,  My best party setup is a lvl 50 Mage with legendary robes and legendary wand, (Me)  I also have recently Maximized my HP statistic {Roast griffin++}.  I also have a Lvl 50 Cleric{Strata Sundae+), Tank {Choc Rock++}, and Elf {Spider roll} all with legendary equipment and moderately good statistics.  My backups are a level 48 Cat with legendary equipment,  and a level 31 imp with legendary equipment.  I am on the road to 100%  with 6 monsters left,  many classes, weapons, and armor to complete, however many chests i need to reach 500, and a 92% overall completion rate!  That is only a small part of what I am about.  If you want to give me tips or…

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  • Racingfan05


    May 16, 2019 by Racingfan05

    What is a blog? Racingfan05 (talk) 15:45, May 16, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Acpere58

    Combat is initiated when you encounter an enemy. There is many enemies you can encounter:

    Normal: Most common and easy to beat.

    Rare: Less common, but more rewarding.

    Mid-boss: Boss you encounter more frequently, but much easier.

    Boss: Your average boss.

    Major Boss: Boss you fight at the end of a world.

    Quest Boss: Usually a variant of a common enemy, but much stronger. 

    Now, some people say the enemies that appear in boss battles are support enemies. To be honest, I believe them, though sometimes the former is weak, and the latter is far stronger. 

    Another thing is how you start battles. The monster face appears in the earlier worlds, but after beating the Dark Lord for the first time, the Dark Curse symbol appears instead. This signifies that th…

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  • SuperEnergeticCat


    April 24, 2019 by SuperEnergeticCat

    When you see the

    Contains major in-game spoilers

    thingy but you completed the game twice.

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  • Sartz29

    Tower of Dread Tips?

    April 20, 2019 by Sartz29

    I would like some tips on how to defeat all the bosses in the Tower of Dread. I recently attempted it for the first time, and have only defeated the first three bosses in the tower. I attempted to defeat these three individually, and it was super easy, but I used tons of hyper sprinkles. My main team is an Energetic Cat, a Cool Warrior, a Laid-Back Chef, and a Kind Flower. They are all around level 40. Please comment if you have advice!

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  • GameBoy2479

    So, I have been wanting to change my avatar with a photo of myself from Miitopia. However, whenever I have uploaded the photo, and press 'Save, I'm Done', it always says there was a problem processing the file for my avatar. How can I make it work? (Also, my new profile picture I'm hoping to use is found below.)

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  • GameBoy2479

    I've been wondering, would events like my example on the left relate to events based on area or storyline? Because I thought to myself if I should make a seperate article with events based on the storyline, and the Events/Areas page can be just for events relating to the area instead of a mix of story and area. What do you think? 

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  • Rni0818


    April 7, 2019 by Rni0818

    So, I saw  PowerWingA's edit on her profile and I was wondering how she edits like that.

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  • Cupheadgenderbend


    March 16, 2019 by Cupheadgenderbend

    Hi guys, I defeated the darkest lord when all my miis were NOT on level 23, and I am recently in new lumps, in the 5th district.

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  • Lost-Paisley

    I've done a few quests here and there in my spare time, but I'm curious as to what bosses specifically don't appear in quests at all.

    According to my Monsters section in the Journal, I'm pretty sure these bosses can't be fought more than once:

    • General "Princess"
    • Pharaoh "Genie"
    • Tomato Bros
    • "Mischievous Witch" Slime
    • "Youngest Fab Fairy" Frog
    • Burning "Teammate" Golem
    • Magma "Teammate" Slime
    • Cerberus
    • Dragon
    • Dark Lord
    • Yeti
    • Ice Queen "Kidnapped Friend"
    • Hamburger
    • "Traveler" Woof-o'-the-Wisp
    • Pop-Up Puppet
    • Wild Mouse
    • "Ex-Dark Lord", Phantom of Evil
    • Strong "King" Golem
    • Gold General "Princess"
    • Pharaoh "Genie" II
    • "Fab Fairy"pole
    • Red "Youngest Fab Fairy" Frog

    I'm not to sure about these ones in particular though because I'm sure I've seen them encountered somewhere before, but…

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  • Cupheadgenderbend

    How long??

    February 20, 2019 by Cupheadgenderbend

    So, how long does it take for a traveler to leave/come to the island?

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  • Marysue124

    In Miitopia, a roommate tells a fond memory to their roommate.

    In Tomodachi Life, a traveler* who is visiting your Island will become friends with a random Mii living on the island (usually the one they took a photo with*) and sometimes they'll want to visit that same Mii to tell them stories of their adventures. The conversation last a little bit longer than Miitopia.

    • This only happens if you streetpass someone who has the game, then invite the traveler (if you picked one up) to the campground and visiting them again around the evening time on the game. 

    This conversation is completely random, so you may or may not get it.

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  • Yuki6165801

    I decided to post on the Amino app instead of here! So for the daily posts I said I’d make, along with more than 4-5 pictures per post, you can find me on the Miitopia Amino! Here is the link to my page!

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  • Sammybam88

    how to grind exp

    January 23, 2019 by Sammybam88

    to grind exp you gotta beat the sky scraper to get to the otherworld then you gotta beat 2 required levels then you gotta press left on the space before the final boss then enter the level then go down then you fight rare snurps and that's how you grind exp

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  • Yuki6165801

    Gameplay Pictures! (1)

    January 17, 2019 by Yuki6165801

    So I’ve taken way too many screenshots of like...everything that happens in this game and I’ve been wanting to post them somewhere and uploading them in compilation vids didn’t work so I’m going to post them all here!

    I’m planning on making one post with 4-5 pictures each daily!

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  • Sartz29

    Mii skills ideas

    January 16, 2019 by Sartz29

    Sometimes I feel like the Mii jobs don’t have enough specialized skills. Here are some ideas I have for new job skills if a sequel to Miitopia comes out. I will keep adding on if I get new ideas.

    •Warrior- Super Proud Protector: Defend all party members from a blow •Mage- Strengthen Armor: Use magic to shield a party member from an attack •Cleric- Super Revival: Revive multiple fallen party members. Doesn’t always work. •Thief- Grub Snatch: Attempt to steal grub from all monsters. Doesn’t always work. •Pop-Star- Favorite Song: Sing a song and make one of your party members hyper. •Chef- Savor: Feed your opponent a dish and put their guard down. •Cat- Batting Game: If your enemy attacks you, bat the attack right back at them. •Imp- Dou…

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  • Saleh7414

    Art Cookie Problem

    January 6, 2019 by Saleh7414
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  • Sartz29

    I’ve tried to defeat the Darker Lord and I just can’t seem to do it! I have a level 27 cat (my character), a level 20 mage, a level 21 pop star, a level 23 warrior, a level 21 tank, a level 22 chef, a level 20 theif, a level 22 imp, a level 20 princess, and a level 22 flower. Which ones should I put on each hand and the face, and if you have any other tips, please share!

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  • MiitopiaImp


    January 1, 2019 by MiitopiaImp

    I was fighting a enemy and noticed two miis (Who have a relationship of 5) Had a relationship of 72 (Like me and one of the characters) They also used the asists of lv. 72 relationship. After the battle they went back to lv. 5 relationship. Does anyone know what happened? Has Anyone had this happen?

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  • Steven Bomb 17

    Alright I just finished Miitopia a few minutes ago and I have some thoughts on it.

    First off I think I overleveled for the final boss because I dominated it. My PC was level thirty and everyone else was twenty five, I thought I'd still have trouble with it but the only thing that gave me trouble was the second hit after the big bang but I quickly just revived Angry, healed the others, and went hyper with my character and my pop star. The first Pharaoh gave me more trouble than the Darker Lord.

    The game mechanics are varying levels of fun and annoying. The shopping is annoyingly stressful because it's like, "Are they going to get it? Are they gonna buy a banana or candy that we don't need then play the innocent act?" The laid back personality…

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  • GameBoy2479

    Here's a really good idea if you want to take a spark or two in creativity for another Miitopia save game.

    So, start up a new game (If you really want to, take pictures of your previous save so you won't forget it), and then as new members arrive, you can design them on game characters! For this idea, though, here's the catch! It must only be involved in one gaming franchise.

    If you chose Super Mario, for example, you would obviously choose Mario as the protagonist. Then, unlocking new members of the team means it has to be from the same gaming franchise as well. (E.g, Mario as a Warrior, Luigi as a Thief, Peach as a Pop Star and Yoshi as a Cook.)

    If keeping this in mind, the game can become a whole load more interesting, all with your (if so…

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  • GameBoy2479


    November 9, 2018 by GameBoy2479

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the Miitopia Wiki! I'll be soon adding images of my team and cast in my Miitopia game tomorrow.

    I hope you can all make me feel welcome here, and I can't wait to start making blog posts and adding in lots of images to the wiki!

    I also enjoy Tomodachi Life, so you might as well see me on the Tomodachi Life Wiki sometime.

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  • Lost-Paisley

    There's a way to lose a battle without having all your Miis get defeated:

    This video of mine confirms that if the rest of your party is Blown Away and you have 1 Mii left on the field that gets defeated, you will automatically loose the battle.

    The enemies that can do this are Harpies and "Traveler" Wind.

    To prevent this, keep a Mii in the Safe Spot after their turn so that Tornado doesn't blow them away. Enemies will never blow away the last Mii on the field, even if there's a second Mii in the Safe Spot. If you come into a battle with just a single Mii, enemies will NEVER use Tornado to blow them away.

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  • Foxypuff

    Based on what I'm seeing, it seems there are some lines in the game that differ between the US and other versions.  Maybe there could be something that makes note of this and add in the difference in the versions?

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  • Lost-Paisley

    "Snurp glitch"

    September 19, 2018 by Lost-Paisley

    So I don't remember who mentioned this in their edit (because I can't seem to find it), but thanks to them its confirmed that the "glitch" with the Snurps changing into their bigger variants isn't a glitch at all.

    I went out with a full lv. 50 team on the Worried Explorer's quest and sure enough, everyone being lv. 50 in your party makes all the Gold/Rare/Tasty Snurps on the map turn into Rich/Very Rare/Delicious Snurps!

    If you save and go back into the game without fighting them, they stay there too. But if you change your party to having anyone below lv. 50, the Snurps will revert back. Going alone at lv. 50 will also make the Snurps stay bigger.

    Extremely useless if you want to grind the party for EXP, but very useful if you want Grub to rai…

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  • Kid with the Weegee Hat


    September 2, 2018 by Kid with the Weegee Hat

    I got kicked off weegeepedia for breaking rules I didn't know about! I'm sad, so i decided to start here!

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  • Foxypuff

    I noticed that someone mistakenly listed the Banana Mii Trap twice in the monster nav box thing.  The second listing is under the Sky Scraper and I'm fairly certain it doesn't appear there.

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  • Foxypuff

    I don't know what the event is called so I'm making a bog post about it.  I think it requires a singer Mii in the party or something (I don't know the exact one, but it has to involve singing).  I can't remember the dialogue but the guest Mii starts singing and asks the main Mii if they want to join in.  If yes, said main Mii then starts singing.  If the outcome is positive, they'll heal some HP I believe.  However...

    If this happens, the Mii loses some HP.  I think the game then says 'Maybe [Mii's name] shouldn't quit their day job...'  With the guest Mii asking 'Are you OK?!'

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  • Yawzho

    Jobs in the Save Data

    August 9, 2018 by Yawzho

    During my experimenting to learn more about the save data's structure, I managed to find the value which stores a hero's job.

    Specifically, it's located at offset 0xBE of a hero's data (located in hero.sav). It's 1 byte large. So if you wanted to find the job value for the "first" hero, you would go to the "first" hero's data (located at address 0x8) and then add 0xBE to that. This means that the "first" hero's job value is at address 0x8 + 0xBE = 0xC6. (Note: 0x means hexadecimal)

    I immediately wondered what would happen if I modified this value to ones which it shouldn't be set to. My emulated game is only at Greenhorne, meaning only the first six classes are unlocked.

    The game has no issue setting heroes to jobs which are not available, incl…

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  • IsaiahScribblenauts

    Level 50!

    August 6, 2018 by IsaiahScribblenauts

    I straight up did it! I got my first 4 Miis to level 50! I seriously am happy that this happened!

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  • Foxypuff

    I've seen it, but I'm not sure to put it in an article quite yet so I'll just make a blog post about it here.  Apparently, when multiple Bombs explode, there seems to be a glitch with the rescued counter.  At least when holding the B button to speed things up.  Sometimes, it adds more to the counter than the actual rescued parts.  I've even seen it add 4 more to the rescued, not counting the ones from the defeated enemies.

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  • PowerWingA

    I've been getting this occational error message when I'm trying to save something in the source editor. It's in Finnish for some reason! My settings are all in English, so I don't know why it's doing this.

    It says: Virhe tiedon tallennuksessa palvelimelle.

    Has anyone else gotten this before?

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  • Kittenwolfie

    So I was about to go snurp hunting in otherworld when I noticed I could... rebattle the darker lord? So I did the battle, And everything was normal, excluding the fact I had already beaten the darker lord. I successfully beat him and then something even stranger happened. I was able to change the face of the dark curse? Nothing bad happened to my game, but this is a very strange bug nonetheless. Has this happened to anyone else or is it just me? is it part of the game?

    EDIT: nevermind this is not a bug

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  • Foxypuff

    Question to an admin.  As I've actually made 50 edits on articles, is it alright if my name can be pink?  Can be a light pink but still visible.

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  • Jkhero73

    Twerkies: Why Tho?

    July 8, 2018 by Jkhero73

    Why did Nintendo add the Twerky and Twergull? It just seems like a poor desicion, and a gross one at that.

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    June 29, 2018 by BIGSTICKlt


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  • Foxypuff

    When I went to an article to try to correct something, I've noticed that it can't be edited.  For context, I wanted to make a correction for Tease on the Twerky page since it only has a chance for the anger to spread to the whole party (it currently says that it will make all of them angry).  I'm guessing its related pages are locked too for whatever reason.  If a mod can make the correction for it that'd be great.

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  • D3DG4M3R

    Funny Random Miis

    June 21, 2018 by D3DG4M3R

    When I started playing I got the Pringles guy for the roaming gourmet and many other funny Miis but I can't say anymore without spoilers

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  • SFishle2

    Annoying damn Dragon

    June 8, 2018 by SFishle2

    What happened last night was more painful than every I lost three times to the dragon I know what you're thinking level up. Well I'm already level 14.

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  • Foxypuff

    I saw somewhere here that those that have made 50+ edits can get a coloured username.  However, despite the number of 'contributions' I've made onto the site, most of them were comments before they were disabled and I haven't even made very many edits on articles yet.  Just wanted a clearer explanation for this.

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  • Lily8763cp

    I finally did it

    June 1, 2018 by Lily8763cp

    Due to the closing of Miiverse, I can't show the proof but...


    I thought I needed to beat 4 more bosses, but the game gave me the achievement after beating a Red "Traveler" Golem, which was something I hadn't fought before.

    Only thing now to get 100% is to force feed my Miis, which might end up being more of a grind somehow.

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  • Lost-Paisley

    Let's talk about something interesting I've noticed about this game.

    So months ago, I attempted a challenge of beating a hard boss solo. I picked the King of Hounds and actually managed to beat it.

    While reviewing Jobs and Personalities that would be better suited for this boss and any other, I discovered something interesting: there are no skills from Jobs nor Personalities that prevent damage from magical/non-physical attacks.

    Skills that dodge physical attacks
    • Thief's Backflip
    • Princess' Escort (only with 1 other Mii)
    • Cool's Avoid

    These skills all dodge physical attacks. They do not allow you to dodge magical/non-physical attacks such as (for example) the King of Hounds Fireball and Chill Mist attacks.

    You could argue that these
    • Thief's Sneak Attack …
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  • H4xor23

    Since there is nothing like this on the web, I decided to do one myself. I will update with each boss I defeat within the game, so far, I am up to the original Dark lord in my 3rd run of the game.



    Mini 'Cheeky Child': Always level 1

    Butterfly 'Carefree Guide': Level 2

    Rocky 'Sarky Bloke': Level 3

    'Lovey Dovey Woman': Level 4

    Imp 'Cheery Granny': Level 6

    'King' Golem: Level 7

    Griffin: Level 8

    General 'Princess': Level 10


    Minotaur: Level 7

    'Prickly Husband' Cobra: Level 8

    'Desert Celebrity': Level 9

    'Dancer': Level 9

    'Shady Merchant  Shield and 'Shady Merchant's Daughter' Blade: Level 10

    Pharoah 'Genie of the Lamp': Level 11

    Realm of the Fey:

    Arachno'Middle Fab Fairy': Level 6

    'Eldest Fab Fairy' Owl: Level 7

    Tomato Bros: Level 8


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  • SFishle2

    What Just happened.

    May 25, 2018 by SFishle2

    Weird thing happened last night during the paincloud boss my cat mii died for no reason.

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  • Lost-Paisley

    Tips for Quests

    May 19, 2018 by Lost-Paisley

    A few people asked me this and I feel like I should make a little blog post on it. For anyone who is trying to get more quests and find monsters for the journal, these are some things I did to complete mine.

    Feel free to correct me if you know something else or if I missed something.

    The lowest level a quest can be is 20. The highest is 50.

    • Low-leveled quests are around levels 20-29
    • Mid-level quests are around 30 to 41
    • High-level quests are around 42 to 50
    Getting Quests of these levels

    Quest levels given by Travelers/NPCs are dependent on the levels of your Miis in the Inn by the next day. They do not include Miis in the Villa. The game tends to lean more on the Mii(s) with the highest level in the Inn rather than what level most Miis are at. To get quests at …

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  • Elneanskys

    Just doing this for the badge. Don't mind me.

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