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Official artwork depicting a battle.

Battles in Miitopia occur at fixed points where the party encounters enemies while exploring an area and is done in a turn-based RPG style, with each teammate and monster taking at least one action per round. The order of action is determined by each Mii and monster's speed (starting with the Mii or monster with the highest speed and ending with the one with the lowest speed). The kind of action a Mii can use depends on their Jobs and Personalities. Each monster can use different actions as well depending on their type.

Actions can range from using regular attacks, skills (which cost MP), using items and activating Personality Quirks which can affect certain actions.

When all the enemies are defeated, the Mii Characters are given XP (amount depends on how strong the enemies were) and the player is gifted gold and grub based on what enemies were defeated. If the whole party is defeated, the battle is lost and the team flees the stage back to the inn, and the player has to start the stage over.

Main menu

It displays all the party member's name, snacks, level, current HP, and current MP at the top of the bottom screen.

  • Start! (known Simply as Start in the American Nintendo Switch version; Battle! in the European Nintendo Switch version): Shown exclusively at the very beginning of the battle. This is rather self-explanatory.
  • Autobattle: Check the box if the player would rather have the CPU command the hero Mii as it does every other character. Does not appear if the hero Mii is not present.
  • Sprinkles: These are direct interventions by the player. They can be used for restoring HP and MP, resurrecting a fallen ally, causing an ally to go wild, or shielding an ally from a single attack.
  • Safe Spot: It is the space behind the 4-Mii party that can help a Mii with a status ailment recuperate faster or heal up HP & MP over time. Unfortunately, the max capacity is one Mii, and he/she cannot act in combat. Make sure to remove the Mii from the back once he/she is deemed fit for battle, or he/she may stay there for the duration of the fight, if his/her allies are not defeated. This is unusable during a solo adventure/if all party members are knocked out except for one.
  • Enemy Status: Stops the battle temporarily to display the enemy party's condition, including their remaining HP. Only accessible after the battle is properly begun by pressing the A button (Start) at the very beginning of said battle. (Nintendo Switch version only)
  • Run!: Not only does the party flee from combat, but the entire level altogether. The EXP, money, and drops gained during the level are kept. This option is greyed out and unusable during boss battles.

Hero Mii's menu

Like the main menu, it displays the party's current status and the Autobattle / Safe Spot / Sprinkles / Run! buttons, just on the hero Mii's turn.

  • Attack: Default physical attack. Those that hit all foes progressively weaken from right to left.
Class Single Target or All Foes Lend a Hand (I-II) Pincer (I-III)
Cat Single Single Single
Chef Single Single Single
Cleric Single Single Single
Elf Single Single Single
Flower All All Single
Imp Single Single Single
Mage Single Single Single
Pop Star All All Single
Princess Single Single Single
Scientist Single Single Single
Tank Single Single Single
Thief All All Single
Vampire All All Single
Warrior Single Single Single

> Lend a Hand (I-III): It applies all participating allies' default attacks atop the current Mii's turn.

> Pincer (I-III): A monster will be attacked by a Mii with a frontal swing of a weapon, while getting flanked and assaulted by participating allies. Transforms default attacks that hit all foes into single target.

> Oops!: A quirk belonging to the Airheaded personality. Allows a default skill to drop an enemy's guard, at the cost of being unable to select which enemy, and transforming default attacks that hit all foes into single target.

  • Horse: Changes the Attack option if the horse is about to assist the hero Mii during his/her turn. Picking this option allows the player to access any of the available offense-based Assists unlocked from bonding with the horse. (Nintendo Switch version only)
  • Out of ammo: Changes the Attack option if the hero Mii is a Tank with less than 2 MP required to perform a basic attack. Picking this option will make the hero pass his/her turn without doing anything.
  • Skills/Magic: All the Mii's job skills are accessed here.
  • Snacks: Up to two HP Bananas and an MP Candy are stashed here.
  • Can't select!: The only option left in place if the hero Mii is afflicted with a status effect that disables manual command selection (ex. Cry, Excite, etc.). Depending on the status, clicking this option will either make the hero Mii do nothing, automatically use a regular attack (on a random target if single-target), or perform a random move.



During battle:

  • "Time to act!" - when the player is choosing their action.
  • "[Mii's name]'s turn." - when a Mii is making their action.
  • "[Enemy]'s turn." - when an enemy is making their action.
  • "Pincer!" - when activating the relationship skill Pincer.
  • "I'll help". /"I'll help!" / "I'll help too!" (US) / "Let me help you!" (EU) / "I'll pitch in!" - when activating the relationship skill Lend a Hand.
  • "[Teammate's name] lends a hand" - when one Mii activates the relationship skill Lend a Hand or Pincer.
  • "Other team members lend a hand!" - when more than one teammate activates the relationship skill Lend a Hand or Pincer.
  • "Showing off for [Show Off target]!" - when activating the relationship skill Show Off.
  • "Attack mistake!" (US) / "Wrong target, (Mii)!" (EU) - when activating the Airheaded personality quirk: Oops!
  • "[Enemy]'s guard dropped!" - when an enemy is hit by an Oops! quirk attack.
  • "Nimbly dodged." - when activating the Cool personality quirk: Avoid.
  • "[Mii's name] is looking elsewhere." - when activating the Warning assist.
  • "Look out!" - when one Mii activates the Warning assist.
  • "Ha!" - when the other Mii responds during the Warning assist.
  • "Didn't notice in time..." (US) / "It wasn't noticed in time..." (EU) - when a Mii does not react to dodge an attack using the Warning assist.
  • "Could this be it...?" - when a Mii is about to be attacked, before another Mii activates their Sacrifice assist or if a Kind Mii activates their Cover quirk.
  • "!" - when a Mii is about to be attacked with a monster's special move which would result in twice as much health lost than normal, before another Mii activates their Sacrifice assist.
  • "?!" - when a Mii is targeted.
  • "That was scary!" - when a Mii dodges an enemy's target attack when in the safe spot.
  • "Aim for the weak point!" (US) / "Weak point found!" (EU) - when activating the Cool personality quirk: Pressure Point.
  • "[Mii's name] is unusually focused!” (US) / "[Mii's name] is unusually chirpy!” (EU) - when activating the Laid-back personality quirk: Get Serious.
  • "[Mii's name] is conserving MP." (US) / "[Mii's name] is saving up MP." (EU) - when activating the Laid-back personality quirk: Slack Off.
  • "[Supporting [Mii's name]!" - when activating the Energetic personality quirk: Cheer.
  • "Got mojo back!" - when on the receiving end of the Cheer quirk.
  • "In a good mood and full of energy!" (US) / "[Mii's name] is ready to take on the world!” (EU) - when a teammate gets the Gleeful quirk.
  • "[Mii's name] calmed down." - when a Mii's Gleeful status effect wears off.
  • "Give him/her back!" - When a Mii is about to attack an enemy currently holding a Mii with the Eat status effect.

After battle victory:

  • "All right!"
  • "Get in!"
  • "I could go a few more rounds!"
  • “I think we won.”
  • "I was worried for a moment."
  • "I’ll feel this in the morning."
  • "Nailed it!"
  • "Nice!" (US) / "Nice one!" (EU) - reward screen text
  • “Over already?”
  • "Piece of cake!"
  • "Safe and sound!"
  • "Still in one piece!"
  • "That was tough!"
  • “That was pretty grueling...”
  • "That's that!"
  • "Victory!"
  • "We won!"
  • “What a breeze!”
  • “Whew!”
  • “Yippee!”
  • "Did we win?"

After battle defeat

  • "Agh!!!" (US)/"Argh!!!" (EU)
  • "And we tried so hard too." (US )/"How did this happen?" (EU)
  • "Did we have enough snacks?". (US) /"Need to pack more snacks." (EU)
  • "Harsh..."
  • "I can't believe this..."
  • "I know we weren't going to make it..." (US)/"Might be time for a change of pace..." (EU).
  • "Let's get some rest..." /"Need some rest..." (EU)
  • "No more..."
  • "That was no good..."
  • "We won't lose again." (US) /"I won't lose again." (EU)
  • "You win some, you lose some.”

After battle defeat in the Tower of Dread and in the Tower of Despair