Air-headed personality action

Airheaded personality action.

Airheaded (Japanese: てんねん Tennen; short for Tennen-boke, "Natural Airhead") is a personality type in Miitopia. It gives a Mii playful, child-like quirks that can affect combat.


Quirk name Description Activation rate First time picture
Oops! The Mii goes to attack an enemy, but then proceeds to attack the enemy with the most HP, lowering its guard and causing it to take 1.5x more damage for that turn only. 50% Oops First Time
Frolic The Mii, instead of attacking, goes and occupies another enemy (playing with it) and stopping said enemy from attacking. During this, the Mii can't attack, but can assist. Does not activate for the player controlled Mii. 10% Frolic First Time
Sleepyhead The Airheaded Mii falls asleep and gains health points instead of fighting during a turn. This can happen whenever the Mii is at low health. 30% Sleepyhead First Time

Outside Battle

  • In the potion event, Air-headed Miis will automatically drink the potion unless they say it smells funny. Then you can pick whether they drink it or not. This also happens if they find a bottle of 'water', but will always drink from one without player input.