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This page uses data from the Miitopia Param Info spreadsheet, compiled by PibPasquale, Kobazco, and UglyFrenchFry.

"Traveler's Friend" Tomato (Japanese: "Mii's name"トマト "Mii's name" Tomato) is a boss monster. It can be found in one-time dungeons that only show up during quests.


It is a huge, sentient red tomato with a Mii's face on it.

It has a large green leaf on its head and looks like the lower part of the Tomato Bros.


Which Travelers' Hub quests that feature this monster seem to be complete random, so do the dungeon location and the quest rewards.


Action name Description Chance to use Hit rate
Wide Attack Inflicts physical damage to one party member and other party members adjacent to him/her. 60% 100%
Tomato The "Traveler's Friend" Tomato spits tomato juice at a party member. This attack can either damage that member (with the caption “[Affected Mii] hates tomatoes!”) or heal him/her for around one-third of the damage they would have otherwise taken (with the caption “[Affected Mii] loves tomatoes!”)
This skill bypasses shields.
40% 100%
One More Time! (auto) Activates after attacking to allow a second attack on a different target. - -

Enemy Statistics

"Traveler's Friend" Tomato
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Locations Encountered
Traveler's friend tomato.png 4100 330 109 160 99 Temporary Dungeons :

Rank V & VI


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