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This page uses data from the Miitopia Param Info spreadsheet, compiled by PibPasquale, Kobazco, and UglyFrenchFry.

"Traveler" & Orochi (Japanese: "Mii's name"とオロチ "Mii's name" and Orochi) is a boss monster. It can be found in one-time dungeons that only show up during quests. It is always fought in battle with four Black Snurps.


Being a variant of the Orochi species, it is a huge snake-like creature with white hair and a big orb held by its clawed hands. This Orochi is gold, while the orb it's holding is light blue. During a quest involving this monster, the Traveler's face is attached to this monster's orb, so unlike other Orochis, the actual Orochi part appears to be eyeless.



Which Travelers' Hub quests that feature this monster seem to be complete random, so do the dungeon location and the quest rewards.


Action name Description Chance to use Hit rate
Attack Inflicts physical damage on one party member. 60% 100%
Magic All Holds up its orb and a bright flash damages the party. (magic) 40% 100%
One More Time! (auto) Activates after attacking to allow a second attack on a different target. - -

Enemy statistics

The "Traveler" & Orochi is a randomly selected boss in high leveled Travelers' Hub quests.

"Traveler" & Orochi
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Locations Encountered
Traveler and orochi.png 6800 365 150 150 99 Temporary dungeons


  • The "Traveler" & Orochi is the last non-New Lumos boss in the Journal.
  • This boss is the only Orochi that has no Mii parts on the snake, only the client’s face on the orb.
    • Since the Orochi had no eyes, it is now revealed that nothing is behind the Mii eyes that are usually there, just darkness.
  • The clients face appears to be the Dejected facial expression in its idle animation.


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